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Over the many years I have been living in the Okanagan, I have witnessed its beauty that is available to everyone. The lakes, fruit orchards, mountains, trails, camping galore, and so many other things we can all enjoy. It is no wonder that people from around the world attend here to visit and spend their vacation in the beauty of the Okanagan, partaking of its wonders and gifts we residents can enjoy anytime. It is the “ease of access” that makes this wonderful land so enjoyable.

It is with that same “ease of access” that I have built this website.

The Internet has many websites that provide some information about the Okanagan and its wonders, but ease of access was never factored into the design and build of those websites. Another factor against those many websites is Google first page results. Many more Okanagan websites are not easy to find because they are buried under many pages of Google search results, if they get there.

Realistically, the number of websites that provide information about the Okanagan are far too many for all of them to exist on the Google first page results, so despite all the efforts of others, their websites and information ends up lost, and good information to boot.

So one day, I thought about this absence of “ease of access”. Can I find a solution to get as many of these Okanagan websites available to everyone at just a few clicks?

The only solution was to centralize the information and hereto the birth of OkConnect.events, Okanagan’s Premiere Tourism Website.

From the easy to find information to the lost or hidden information about our wonderful Okanagan will be here in this single and one website.

Wonder Okanagan consoludated into one place that will be easy to access. Getting “1 website” onto Google results for the single purpose of Toursim locations is far easier and faster. Tourists and Okanagan residents can enjoy this ease of access to the Okanagan and what makes it so wonderful.

Places to go, places to enjoy, things that happen, things to do that is all Okanagan. From water sports, to camping, to biking, to hiking, to museums, to aboriginal events and more.

This website will likely never be complete, so the work is always ongoing to build it bigger and bigger.

Likely there will always be something no one knew that we can all enjoy and if OkConnect finds it, you will know about it here.

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