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Covid-19 Restrictions On Okanagan Tourism Locations

by OKConnect
Covid-19 Okanagan Opens Announcement

Opened Locations Carry Restrictions or Prohibitions

Now that life in the Okanagan has opened up since the Covid-19 lockdown, tourism location operators have likely incorporated Covid-19 restrictions and health safety rules, where some locations may have strict prohibitions if they are open to public access.

There are large number of tourism locations in the Okanagan area, let alone the number of cities and towns. Each location is responsible to implement any COVID-19 health directives, so rules or restrictions may vary and OKCE (OKConnect.Events) asks everyone to never assume the same thing applies to all tourism spots they choose to visit. With that, OKCE encourages everyone to use any contact information provided on our tourist category pages, on any specific location, to make your own inquiries before you visit.

Quick Links

In addition, we have provided some quick Covid-19 links for you to attend on the Internet and read to inform yourself accordingly.
Below, you can click the respective logo to attend their website for COVID-19 notices, alerts and warnings.


Covid-19 Information Links

Covid-19 – BC Provinical Authorities

CDC BC LogoBC Government Logo

End: Offical BC Covid-19 Info

Covid-19 – Tourism Okanagan Websites

Destination BC LogoSuper Natural BC LogoTourism Vernon LogoTourism Kelowna LogoTravel Penticton LogoDestination Osoyoos Logo

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Covid-19 – Okanagan Cities

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