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It is always helpful to have more than one pair of eyes, especially when OKConnect works to include as much of the Okanagan to see and visit as possible.

I can only travel so much and get so far alone. This is why OKConnect invites anyone, tourist or resident to contribute to the contents of OkConnect.

Do you know an event, a location, something that families can enjoy, to see, to partake?

If so send the information to me and I will endeavour to investigate for the benefit of all.

When you send information, please remember to include the following,

  • What is the place/location about (ie: what category such as hiking, beach, cycling route, something to visit and see, etc)?
  • Is it a seasonal event / location?
  • The name of the event & location?
  • Any contact information for the event/location?
  • Website URL (if any)?
  • anything else about it?

Your help is appreciated.

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