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Three Mile Beach – Penticton (Naramata) – Not Recommended For Families

Families should avoid Three Mile Beach

by OKConnect Admin
Three Mile Beach, Penticton BC -google map

(Above — Google Map of Three Mile Beach location)

Three Mile Beach is located in Naramata, a small community within the city boundaries of Penticton. This beach is designated a nudist beach. It is for that reason, OKConnect will not include this beach in its list of beaches in the beach tourism category page. Simply this, a nudist beach is not a family oriented beach.

What is disconcerting is other websites, even the Penticton City website, promotes Three Mile Beach to locals and tourists, making no mention or warning it is a nudist beach. The issue is the taking of liberties with any ideology that is not widely shared by family oriented people. Many families do not want their children’s eyes filled with nudists strutting their stuff.

Here at OKConnect, we won’t promote this beach like others blindly do, but we will warn you about it.  Hence, we made this article to advise everyone about the beach so they can make their own informed choice.

OKConnect respects the freedom to choose, and if someone wants to visit Three Mile Beach, they are free to do so, but at the same time, OKConnect respects the wishes of singles and families who do not want to be unpleasantly surprised about a beach they don’t want to be alone on or bring their family to.

As much as the Three Mile Beach nudist community claims there are rules of conduct for nudists at the beach, there are no real percussions to any nude individual who decides to strut his stuff near young children. Simply, their community cannot control human behaviour, and I am sure they don’t want to, and that is the very reason why families, who care for their children, ought to visit other ethically safe, family oriented beaches.

OKConnect encourages you to avoid Three Mile Beach and instead, attend our Beach category page to view the many beaches listed there and choose a better location for your wholesome fun in the sun.

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