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How To Use OKConnect

How to use OKConnect

It is rather simple.

  1. Main top menu or if in mobile devices, the main menu bar that slides out.
    Look for the menu item “Tourism Locations”.
    This will list the category of the type tourism category & location you want to see and attend.
  2. Search feature of this website, the magnifying glass.
    Enter a single keyword or few keywords as “swimming, Kelowna” and Tap | Click enter to see the results.
  3. Page Menu – each tourism event page has a “page menu” bar directly below the top image to navigate that page.
    The page menu bar is divided up into 3 categories: “Zone“, “City” and “Location“.
    Tap | Click any one of these 3, a side page menu pops out to help you jump to any part of the page.
    Zone = jump to an Okanagan Zone on the page, as in North, Central or South.
    City = jump to any one the cities listed on the page.
    Location = jump to a specific tourist location by name on the page.
    (Note: the page menu will not scroll using a mouse scroll wheel, you have to manually scroll it with the mouse cursor)

Mobile Access

Desktop, laptop or mobile, this website will serve your search for what to see and do in the Okanagan.

Right Side Panels – Desktop

The right side panels provide extra information that you may see on all pages or on certain pages. Be sure to take a quick view of the information provided there, it can be helpful, especially to any specific category page you are currently viewing.

Right Side Panels – Mobile

When viewing any page of OKConnect in a mobile (smart-phone) device, the “right-side panels” will be near the bottom of the page.

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We only provide tourism location or event information for your use.
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